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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Life gets in the way.

   It seems like every time I start to move forward, or make progress, something gets in my way and I take a few steps back. I had taken time off from solo exhibits in order to focus more on my painting. I wanted to try and explore different techniques and ideas and get my work to a point where I'd be really proud to share it.
  Not only did I want new work to show, I wanted it to be good, really good. Call it pride, or maybe vanity, but I was not feeling like I was doing my best work. There have been  prolific spurts, where I really get in the zone and feel as if I'm making progress, and then there are the days when I have all these ideas and no time to implement them.
 I didn't set out to be this busy, or to have all these distractions,  life just kind of snowballs. Weddings, funerals, emergency surgery (not mine), you get the idea. My website hasn't been updated for two years, and my blog has been dormant for a while too.
  I guess I just have to take those moments "in the zone" and make the most out of them.

My daughter is really making me proud.