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Sunday, June 7, 2015

In-between and OK with it.

The longest winter of my life is finally over, and life seems busier then ever. The one gift of that long winter was extra studio time. Now that it's green and sunny outside, and the world is buzzing with activity, I'm longing to be back in my studio with nothing else to do.

 In order to challenge myself creatively, I've been experimenting with painting on odd shapes, and materials. Most of these are from wood scraps from my daughters studio floor. I've gessoed and sanded and prepped them to take watercolor, which is a long tedious process. The challenge is that I cannot alter the shape of the piece of wood/ plywood, and must find a design or composition within those limitations.

 I don't know if I'll ever exhibit any of these pieces, or if they're just a method of making myself uncomfortable enough that I'll learn something. It's a transitional phase in my work, and I'm OK with that. I just have to trust that in the end I'll come out of it with something fresh and rewarding.

 In a recent conversation with my daughter, we discussed the need for artists to experiment with  ideas, and the danger of exhibiting so frequently that we don't allow ourselves the luxury of time to explore these new ideas, or inspirations.

For me, I can't force it, it must come to me through exploration and serendipity. Hopefully, when I get to the next stage, it'll all be worth it. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying my garden, watching my daughter get married ( and all that that involves), celebrating my parents 60th anniversary, teaching, and sneaking into my studio every chance I get!

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