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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting back to the studio.

Someone told me that the secret to a long life is extreme inconvenience! Well, I must be slated for a long life then! Summer is never as prolific for me as the other seasons. Maybe its the added time I spend tending to my garden, or perhaps its the demands of my family (who seem to have more free time in summer), or distractions like weekends away.
 In any event I am starting to (have been) get antsy for my studio time. I began an oil painting months ago and never got past the under-painting.  It's partially the lack of familiarity with the materials (which I used to use all the time), I'm rusty, and I'm used to being more knowledgeable about my materials and techniques. Well, I got back into it yesterday, and I'm figuring it out. It's not as hard as I thought. I just need to play with it more so I won't be intimidated by it. Fear is an artists worst enemy, it hold us back when we should be jumping in with both feet!
After all if I want to live a long life.....a little inconvenience can't hurt!


  1. Hello!! I can still see the painting with the black eyed you still have that one? I love it..I got a picture still somewhere..from the video..

    I would love to read your blog regularly, but I will forget to check it unless you help me with an RSS feed...its in your gadgets... would you please put that gadget somewhere on the right? It'll help more people come back too...I can help you if need more info...


  2. oof actually there is a little link on the bottom left of every I am subscribed now.. :)

  3. I always maintain that fear (& laziness) are the artists worst enemy. We cannot live in a personal world of frightened "what it's?" but instead transform that into a joyous shout "What IF?!?" and then, do what we can to make it happen.

  4. So true! The worst that can happen is that you make something that doesn't quite work, and the world doesn't end, the painting police won't break down you's all good. I tell my students this all the time and yet I still manage to freeze when trying something new.

  5. Its me again..I guess I am subscribed to comments...but not to new blog posts...

    I think you do need an RSS feed gadget my dear..

    I think that self judgement is the artist worst free oneself from must allow yourself to produce ugly work..and then make ugly work without judging yourself...and then your creativity will flow more easily..

    One way to make ugly work, it to use colors that you don't like..or work with your left hand...

  6. Oh boy, I guess I have to learn how to do that. I think I tried it, and had trouble...Right, I'll give it another try.