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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Operation Salvage crappy paintings!

As I work on various projects in my studio, I find that I'm often distracted by the ghosts of paintings gone bad. They lurk in the corners of my workspace, mocking me,  taunting me for abandoning them.
 As any artist knows, not every painting (book, song, sculpture, drawing etc...) works out. Sometimes they just turn out all wrong, something just doesn't quite click, so we toss them aside and move on to the next one. Not every attempt has to be a masterpiece.
 Here's the problem, I can't seem to move on without some lingering feeling that if I had just tried harder, that I could have done something more with it.  So as I'm getting prepared for an Open Studio event, I thought why not drag out all those little monstrosities, and see if I can't breath new life into them. The worst thing that could happen, is that I fail, which isn't so bad. At least I'd have the peace of mind of knowing that I gave it my all, and that nothing more could be done. Then I can toss them for good, but maybe, just maybe, I'll do something decent.

Wish me luck!

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