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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The subtle use of sentimental objects in my work.

As a continuation of my “Tea and Creativity” theme, I wanted to point out some ways that I use found objects in my collages. It all began with my putting some fortunes into a painting I had done (“Good Fortune” in the private collection of a friend in New York”). The response was interesting, and friends started to save me their fortunes (as well as tea tags with fortunes or quotes). I started to put them in my Orchid Queen series, and other collages. It felt as if I were somehow weaving these friendships into my work. I liked the symbolic nature of the fortunes, representing  various things, thoughts, dreams, advice. I also liked that each fortune, tea tag, or string from a teabag represents a meal enjoyed, and a cup of tea (and quiet moment) had by someone that I care about.
 So where you might just see some strings on a painting, or fortunes cut in shapes, I see so much more. It’s as if I am able to incorporate experiences of friends and moments shared into the work that I am creating.

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